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Based on the allocation on Section 16, Job Safety and Health Act 1994 (514 Act), Seberang Perai Polytechnic (PSP) are trying to provide and preserve a safe, healthy, clean, fine and cheerful working space. Because of that, PSP management will ensure that every individual are concern about the importance of safety and health.

To fulfill the requirements, PSP management has outlined these policies:

  • To create a safe working culture in all daily activities. It’s being done by creating a safe, healthy and prosperous working area and environment, also with appropriate and complete tools being provided.
  • To provide and maintain a place, facilities, equipment and working system that ensure the safety and health job so it will not cause a safety and health hazard in working place.
  • To investigates and reports all incident, disease, poisoning and dangerous case also to takes a necessary prevention steps towards the zero accidents standard.
  • To nurture a safe and health job awareness to all PSP staff so they will accept and implement the best safe and health job practices.
  • To plan and implement the improvement action continuously.

All staff are responsible to implement the safe and healthy job culture with all effort based on PSP Safety and Health Job System Management Manual.


Seberang Perai Polytechnic
Pulau Pinang.                      

1 Februari 2013