Academic and Co Curricular Excellence Awards

Eligibility criteria

  • ·         Obtained Full Pass (LP) with the Total Average Value Points (CGPA) equals or exceeds 3.50 for the final semester.
  • ·         Has reached the value points equals or exceeds 2.00 for each course has taken.
  • ·         Active in curriculum.
  • ·         The candidates must achieve minimum score 80% ( reviewed by the Academic of Excellent Awards and Curriculum form).
  • ·         Never subject to disciplinary action by the Disciplinary Board of the Polytechnic.

Nomination and Selection rules

  • ·         The award is given to the best graduates of the department for each session when the convocation of polytechnics.
  • ·         The recipients are one of the members in each department.
  • ·         The results of all semesters, records and certificate of sports and co-curricular activities will be used as the main factor of nomination.
  • ·         Student Selection Committee will do selection based on the highest scores in Academic of Excellent Awards and Curriculum form.
  • ·         The Committee's decision is final.


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