Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Communication)

Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Communication)


The Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Communication) covers broad discipline of electronics engineering, with specialization in communication technology which includes, electrical and electronic fundamentals, computer fundamentals and programming, communication system fundamentals, semiconductor devices, and computer aided design, while emphasizing the area of specialization. The specialization courses include telecommunication network, fibre optic communication system, data communication and networking, wireless communication and microwave devices.




  • English and Malay



This programme provides the knowledge and skills in communication engineering that can be applied to a broad range of careers in most electronic communication field. The knowledge and skills that the students acquire from the programme will enable them to participate in the job market as:

Assistant Engineer
Assistant Radio Frequency Engineer
Technical Executive
Marketing Executive
Technical Supervisor
Assistant Technical Designer
Assistant Network Engineer
Assistant Network Administrator
Assistant Drive Test Engineer
Assistant Drive Test Analyser Engineer
Network planner
Electrical/Electronic Technician