Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Computer)

Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Computer)


Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Computer) was created to fulfill the diverse disciplines in electronic engineering with additional specialization in computer-based technology. In addition to the emphasis on the area of specialization, basic things such as power electronics, telecommunication, control, instrumentations and computers to produce graduates who are versatile. Graduates are expected to serve in the field of computer technology. The used of computer-based electronic devices are now require skilled technicians and trained especially for new challenges. Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Computer) at the Polytechnic of the Ministry of Education graduates with technical skills necessary to be valid and recognized in the field of specialization.




  • English and Malay



To improve the employability of graduates, the Department of Electrical Engineering has entered into collaboration with industry organizations to provide training opportunities to students and industry employment opportunities for graduates. The knowledge and skills gained from this program will enable the students to work as:-

• Computer Technician
• Electronic Technician
• Technical Expertl
• Electrical Technician, Electronic and Computer Services
• Engineer Assistant
• Marketing Executive
• Freelance

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