Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing)

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing)


Mechanical Engineering Department (JKM) is the largest department in the four academic departments holding this polytechnic. This department has a skilled work force size and equipped with good equipments and machineries.

Department has a team of lecturers and staff working together to further the department in achieving its goals to produce a quality semi-professional, energetic, innovative and pro- active in the fields of manufacturing, plant engineering and textiles engineering, along with the country's vision to achieve full industry status in 2020. The Department has a full commitment to offer course at diploma level.


  • Malaysian citizen;
  • SPM or equivalent with a minimum comply with the following requirements:
    • Pass Bahasa Melayu;
    • Pass English;
    • 3 credits in the following subjects:
      • Mathematics and Additional Mathematics
      • ONE (1) subjects related with Science / Technology / Vocational
      • ONE (1) other subjects


  • English and Malay


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Field work is extensive in various capacities such as:

• Technical Assistant
• Technical Specialist
• CNC Programmer
• Quality Technician
• Production?process Planner
• Purchasing Technician
• Product Designer
• Design Drafter