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The Maintenance and Development Unit plays a significant role in upgrading the infrastructure of the Polytechnic. Continuous efforts are made to provide a condusive and positive environment. Among the renovation works carried out successfully are as follow:-

>> Upgrading the lobby and the washroom at the mainhall (Dewan Sri Mutiara).
>> Upgrading the conference room.
>> Upgrading washroom and prayer rooms at the Commerce Department.
>> Upgrading The steel barriers along the corridor at the third and the fourth level of the hall of residence  blocks.
>> Replacing the broken sewage pipes at the waste treatment plant.
>> Building a multi-purpose square.
>> Upgrading the central store.
>> Upgrading the washrooms, prayer rooms and offices of the Administrative Block
>> Renovating the Training and Continung Education building
>> Renovating the Deputy Director's (Academic Support) office
>> Upgrading the halls of residence's office
>> Upgrading the server room
>> Renovating the store at the library/UIDM building for the storage of graduation robes
>> Fixing fans at the staff quarters
>> Fixing the doors and windows grills at the staffquarters
>> Constructing a grandstand at the hockey field

It also carries out maintentance works wherever necessary, which covers the following:-

>> Air conditioning units 
>> Fire prevention system
>> Waste treatment facility
>> Grease trap
>> Cafeteria kitchen eqiupment
>> Punch card machine
>> Water cooler dispensers
>> Servicing and calibration of sub-station
>> Servicing of pumps and control  panel of main water tank
>> Servicing of road/street lights, roller shutter doors
>> Cleaning of main water tanks and hotals' water supply tanks
>> Servicing of switch boards and PABX telephone system